OpenShutters Warranty

OpenShutters, an Australian owned and operated company, manufactures customised orders as instructed by other trades and on-sellers and this warranty will reasonably cover the quality of materials selected and the workmanship of the manufactured product.

OpenShutters accepts no responsibility for subsequent installation, application, maintenance or  locality, nor liability for products being used in a manner which is not fit for purpose.

It is recommended that you consult with your service/product provider for a warranty specific to your project.

1.0 Assistance Request

If you have any problems  with your OpenShutters product, contact the service/product provider (eg supplier, dealer, distributor, installation contractor or other service provider) from whom you purchased  your product.

If the supplier is unknown to you or not available contact OpenShutters directly via:

Mail: Factory 3, 6 Hereford Street, Berkeley Vale  NSW  2261

PO Box 5203, Chittaway Bay  NSW  2261

Phone: 02 4389 8966

Fax: 02 4389 8310


To help us respond quickly to your Request, please provide the following:

  • Proof of purchase (eg tax invoice or receipt);
  • Your contact details;
  • Description of the product and the problem (photos are helpful); 
  • The address where the product can be inspected.

Note - the problem could relate to design, installation or manufacture

2.0 Our Response

  • We will acknowledge your request.
  • We will investigate your claim, and begin any required action within thirty (30) days after notification.  Costs of making a claim under this warranty are at the claimant's expense.
  • Onsite inspection will incur a fee which will be reimbursed should a warranty defect be established.      

Note - Replacement parts may not be an aesthetic match to the original.

3.0 What is and isn't Covered by this Warranty

3.1 Timber / Wood 

Products manufactured from natural materials such as timber/wood will display certain characteristics such as grain patterns or blemishes which are part of their inherent beauty and give unique qualities.  These are not defects. 

3.2 Variations, Finishes and Environmental Factors

Our wood/timber, paint and finishes are all carefully selected for their high quality, function and application.  Natural products and paint/stain finishes may be impacted by a range of factors and the following items are not covered by this Warranty:

  • Colour variations which may occur between different batches of paint or stain;
  • Naturally occurring variations in appearance created by artificial or natural lighting;
  • Moisture, heat, light, exposure to weather;
  • Environmental conditions such as pollutants, acid rain or other corrosive substances, which may impact on finishes or cause corrosion of aluminium or other components;
  • Damage, corrosion, wear, deterioration or failure of standard components in sea coast applications (within 5km of coastal waters) or other such climate conditions.

Note - Samples are a representation of our workmanship and standard products and are not a prototype of custom-ordered products.

3.3 General

  • This warranty covers any defects in the manufacture of the original product.   
  • Items not covered under this warranty include:
    • Fittings not manufactured by OpenShutters such as hinges, locksets, catches etc;
    • Condensation or damage as a result of condensation;
    • Damage caused by lack of maintenance, wear and tear and/or misuse;
    • Work completed by others.
  • Products produced within standard manufacturing tolerances are not defects, neither are industry variations in the colour of aluminium and timber components.

Note - See material data sheets and Care & Maintenance Guidelines at

These documents are produced in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.

Service Guarantee

If you purchase OpenShutters products, your service/product provider should provide you with a Guarantee based on the following guidelines and which is compliant with current Consumer Guarantees Law.

Service/product providers (including suppliers, distributors, installation contractors or other service providers) who sell and/or handle OpenShutters products must:

  • Guarantee to the consumer their services are provided with due care.  This means they must use an acceptable level of skill and technical knowledge when providing advice, design, quoting and installation services and take all necessary care to avoid loss or damage;
  • Guarantee that their services, and any product used, will meet all relevant standards and will be fit for the purpose specified in the design brief by the consumer; 
  • Provide a written contract (which includes a reasonable completion time) and obtain the consumer's agreement/acceptance;
  • Have a written Policy and Process related to consumers rejecting goods/services and ensure it is provided to the consumer.

For a copy of the Consumer Guarantee Guidelines for Business contact your local Office of Fair Trading or the Office of Consumer Affairs.

Care & Maintenance Guidelines

To keep your OpenShutters looking their best, we suggest you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Keep free from dust and dirt by regularly wiping over with a soft cloth, as you would use on your finest furniture.
  • Remove stubborn dirt with a soft cloth and a very mild detergent in water (wipe gently, do not scrub).  Dry areas immediately with a dry soft cloth. 
  • Never use abrasives, don't scour the surface.  Never use silicon-based cleaning products.

If you have selected Interior timber shutters it is important to note that timber is a natural product so will be affected by the environment and by use:

  • Do not leave windows open in wet weather.  If the shutters get wet, dry immediately.
  • Inspect every 12 months and repair any damage.
  • Build-up of condensation can affect the paint finish therefore if shutters are fitted in rooms with poor ventilation or high humidity make sure there is good airflow around panels – inspect every month.
  • To prevent premature deterioration, repair any damage as soon as possible.
  • Rotate the blades on clear finished timber shutters to ensure a more regular and even mellowing of the timber colour.  Arrange for a re-coat on these shutters prior to the breakdown of the surface.  The surface can be kept smooth but the colour cannot be rejuvenated.

If you have selected Exterior shutters they may be Aluminium (our first choice for outside) or Timber:

  • Inspect and clean (to stop build up of pollution and salt) at least every six (6) months.
  • To prevent premature deterioration, repair any damage as soon as possible.
  • Timber needs to have all exposed timber, dents, splits and cut end grain sealed to reduce water penetration.
  • Do not leave timber products wet.

Many products in our range have visible tension devices on the blades which could require adjustment from time to time.  Occasional adjustment will maintain an easy action of these blades.

Some hints for operating your OpenShutters:

  • When Bi-folding panels, close the blades before folding away.  This will help to prevent damage which may be caused by blades touching blades.
  • If sliding panels, close the blades before moving panels, unless designed to slide with blades open.
  • If any catches or supports have been fitted, make sure they are used.
  • Maintain the installation fitting in good working order.
  • Keep bottom tracks free from dirt and grit.

Stainless Steel Maintenance
Stainless steel is the most popular specified material for hinges, tracking, latches, handles and stays in our industry.  If your shutters are fitted with stainless steel elements, we recommend having a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the products do not suffer with adverse effects from a hard, salt-based environment such as near swimming pools, the sea or tidal lakes and rivers.

In these environments there can be staining known as "tea staining".  This discoloration can be removed by using a product such as Nevr Dull.  Another measure is prevention, and spraying with a product (Inox, or something similar) helps create a barrier between the salt in the air and the metal.

We recommend cleaning these fittings every three months, and both of these products should be readily available from hardware stores.

Enjoy your beautiful OpenShutters!