Shaped For The Future

For decades, the architecture and design industry has been driven by a characteristic thirst for innovation and difference. Architects and designers frequently look for ways to capture the unusual and unique within their design, and this is particularly the case in today’s age of customisation and the custom made.

Still, crafting fit-for-purpose products that retain their unique characteristics can be a challenge, and shutters are no exception. Thanks to the diverse portfolio of projects that we have completed over the years, OpenShutters has honed our extensive technical and practical knowledge and developed a keen eye for innovation. 

We push design boundaries and defy conventional understanding of shutters to bring to life the most authentic version of the designer’s vision. Taking customisation to the next level, our range of products can be tailored to meet the size and shape requirements of any project, and our experts can advise on how best to finish shutters to cater for style and taste preferences. OpenShutters is committed to working with designers to ensure that their design is properly realised.

With this in mind, why not browse our selection of handcrafted timbers today? Our team of experts can discuss customisation options if our range doesn’t already include the perfect shutter for your project.
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