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Significant advantages of being in the business of crafting bespoke shutters for over 25 years include the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience gained over that time.  Living and breathing shutters is what we do, on a day-to-day basis.

Architects, designers and builders value our skillset and input.  The earlier in a project any challenge is put to us, the quicker we are able to provide a solution, and help influence the final outcome, particularly where design challenges may be in conflict with the practicalities of installation and function.

Our design specialists, Peter Bray and Gail Cottrill, have seen it all over the years, yet appreciate that the learning process for them, as well as our customers, is ongoing.

“At a recent meeting, an architect explained it was so helpful to be able to pick up the phone to discuss the practicalities of his design, to further explore the proposed mechanism of shutter operation and the potential pitfalls,” said Gail.  “A prototype was quickly developed, the function mechanism video recorded, then sent to the architect to demonstrate how it would work.  We were able to turn concept into a working model very quickly, as we’d always seek to do”.

What design, function and (or) installation challenges can we help solve for you…..?  Call us on 1300 136 911 or follow this link to leave your query and contact details.

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