Installation - Having the Right Tools and the Right People for the job

At OpenShutters, we understand that installation is equally as important as the materials and craftsmanship behind creating the shutter itself, therefore it is important to ensure that someone with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience is responsible for installing them.

Installation is critical to the success of a project.  The OpenShutters team, together with our extended network of distributors, provide creative, bespoke solutions to seemingly impossible installation challenges.  We believe that windows are meant to be looked through, and should not be enclosed within a boxed structure as favoured by those selling imported product.  We devote our attention and care to achieving consistency of the shutters with their surroundings, and also focus on the detail of blade spacing and closure, gaps and ease of access.

We recognise that projects often don't always go to plan, and do our best to accommodate reasonable requests, including late design, product finish, and timing changes.  Though often one of the last additions to a renovation or new build, shutters should be treated with care and respect, and the team at OpenShutters delivers these qualities, and we take the time to get things right.

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