Australian Made for Australian Conditions - why it matters

Around Australia Day, it is worth highlighting the importance of buying Australian Made products.

Quality and Safety 

Australian manufacturing is regulated to high quality standards.  We have to abide by stringent safety standards, meaning the products used along with our manufacturing process are closely monitored for compliance.


Being local, there are more advantages to enable customisation.  Our experience over the past 30 years has thrown up some interesting and varied challenges, and the knowledge base retained in our long-serving staff is vast.  We will always try to help, and the earlier we are involved in a project the more advantageous it is for everyone; we are a phone call or a visit away.  

Integrity and guarantees

We’re honest enough to admit that there are times when we get things wrong.  Thankfully such instances are rare, but our customers have the reassurance that aside from the overarching consumer guarantees on items and processes (a more ‘grey’ area when it comes to dealing with imported product), there’s a ‘moral’ aspect to us rectifying instances where we’ve fallen short of our own very high standards.  We want all our customers to be proud to have an OpenShutters product in their homes or businesses, and we want them to come back to us in the future.

Supporting the Economy

Obviously, buying Australian Made products, you are supporting the Australian economy, helping retain and create Australian jobs and helping keep money within Australia.    


We are conscious about the sustainability aspect of everything we do; from where we source our timber to minimising waste and being efficient with how the factory is run.  Timber is a natural product, and our Western Red Cedar is responsibly sourced by our suppliers from managed forests in Canada.


Our shutters & screens are expensive when compared with imported product, which we acknowledge. But be sure to compare like-with-like - if you are looking for a quick fix and don’t care about design, aesthetics, function or durability, then it’s likely the OpenShutters experience is not for you.  

What you get from us is the experience and creativity in design, the knowledge, accuracy and attention to detail through manufacture; professionalism and thoroughness in installation, and an after-sales service always available should you need us.

We are closed Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th January, but will be back crafting beautiful Australian Made shutters on Wednesday 27th.

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