natural sustainable timber shutters

natural sustainable timber shutters

we care about sustainability

we care about sustainability

hand crafted

hand crafted


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We are committed to ensuring a low impact on the environment

Our sourcing program requires us to think sustainability, for example with timber sourced from managed forests. We accept responsibility for waste management and run a comprehensive recycling program. Timber shavings go to local sporting and farming concerns; metal off-cuts are recycled; and paint waste is disposed of responsibly. We have a decades long track record of taking responsibility,which has been recognised by numerous state and national awards.

Local actions have a global impact

Many timber products these days are made from what the industry refers to as 'manufactured' or 'engineered timbers'. Basically, cheap timber pieces of a variety of unstable timbers are glued together, to create one piece. Although providing cost savings for the manufacturer, the benefits are not proven for the end user.

Some imported shutters, sold as Western Red Cedar, are in actual fact an 'engineered timber' core with a Western Red Cedar veneer surface, glued on. This may initially look good, but there is no guarantee that the glue and structure of these 'timbers' will not fail over time.

Open use solid sustainable Cedar, this video shows why

Nature created Western Red Cedar, naturally strong, durable with good looks. Open selects the finest fliches of cedar, cut from the centre of the log for consistent grain and inherent stability.

Cedar growth and sustainable harvest regions

  • Western Red Cedar grows on the western edge of the coastal mountains from southern Alaska to northern California.
  • It typically grows in mixed forests with other species such as Douglas Fir, Pacific Coast Hemlock, Balsam Fir and Sitka Spruce.
  • Open sources cedar from Canadian managed sustainable plantations in British Columbia.
  • Forestry practices are guided by the internationally recognised sustainable forest management system elements of ISO 14001, as part of the CSA Z809 Canadian national standard.
  • These high standards are audited by third-party inspection agencies to ensure compliance with the certification standards.
  • Forest management plans control harvest levels and require reforestation to enhance natural regeneration and ensure regional biodiversity.

See more properties of cedar.

Embedded energy of timber makes it exceptionally efficient

Timber (general, excludes sequestration)

Energy: 8.5 MJ per kg

0.46 CO2 per kg

Aluminium (general & incl 33% recycled)

 155 MJ per kg

 8.24 CO2 per kg

It pays to consider the total energy of the lifecycle of a product. For instance, aluminium shutters are fabricated from a material that requires staggering amounts of carbon producing energy to produce, over 200 times less energy efficient than timber. And Western Red Cedar has one of the lightest density cellular structures, so it is even more energy efficient than other timbers.

Open has developed a proprietary paint system free of isocyanates

Our unique acrylic paint system system can be colour matched to any pastel colours. This is UV resistant, easy to touch up and most importantly, contains no unhealthy lead or isocyanates. Great for our workers, you and your family and great for the environment.

Depending on the length of exposure and the level of worker protection, health effects range from burns to isocyanate asthma, which can be fatal. This video explains the hazards of isocyanates during the application of finish coatings.